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UV Contact Lenses With 8mm Diameter

2017-05-19 17:26:27Author:
[Introduction]  You could know more about these special contact lenses from this passage....

Besides IR contact lenses, our company sells UV contact lenses. You could know more about these special contact lenses from this passage.

IR contact lenses are for reading IR invisible ink marked cards. UV contact lenses are for luminous ink marked cards. These contact lenses are processed by good quality lenses. When you wear them inside your eyes, you will feel soft and comfortable. These are wonderful devices for reading Copag marked cards, Bicycle marked cards, Modiano marked cards, Fournier marked cards, Bee marked cards, Lion 3005 marked cards, KEM marked cards and Bear marked cards. There are different sizes of these contact lenses. You can choose 6mm UV contact lenses, 8mm UV contact lenses, 9mm UV contact lenses, 13mm UV contact lenses. Our products are qualified, so you can use our products safely.

There are other kinds of cheating devices you can choose from our company. They are poker analyzers, marked playing cards, poker cameras and other devices.

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