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Newest IR contact lenses

2017-05-19 15:26:46Author:
[Introduction]  You can search the marked cards ,then you can see the relate product is invisible glasses ,contact lens for marked cards....

In fact , the first step for you to choose the IR contact lens,you can use some keyword to search in the Internet,they you will find there is a big world for any kinds of poker cheat,You can know more detail about all knids of poker cheat device.In these website ,you can search the marked cards ,then you can see the relate product is invisible glasses ,contact lens for marked cards.Otherwise,you can search Transparant Glasses or Uv contact lens in the Internet ,also will find the our product ,then you can through the chat software to contact the salesman to know more about the detail and can order UV glass or UV contact lens ,you can order marked cards as well.Due to each one has their special feel of wear contact lenses,so our company has launched three kinds quality of contact lenses,bur this not mean the effect has bad or good ,to be honesty,every quality is good ,different quality in order to suitable for each person. 

Guangzhou company has two kinds of marked cards,no matter which material it is.Now,we will explain how does the device marked cards work with thw other equipment.After shuffle marked cards,there is a few seconds can use to scan marked cards by infrared camera,poker analyzer will receive the signal from Infrared camera,then user can receive the poker game result through the earpiece from the poker device.This process will finish within 0.3 seconds.Now we will explain another UV marked cards to you ,this marked cards will be easier to operate,the user only need to wear the brand UV contact lenses (We has three kinds of contect lens ,no matter which kind ,the quantity is good ,)or UV perspective glasses,user can see the marked on the card backside and will know which card it is.This brand UV marked cards can use in any poker game.Please put your eyes on IR camera/hidden lens,it always be the normal model as the common small objects that will not cause the curiosity of other people,so now only single hidden camera or double hidden cameras launched to the international market,because these items which can be a IR camera are the normal products with the limit space,and company will let the model has the normal appearance .Therefore single or double hidden lens is the best choice for all the clever player who want to be the winner in all kinds of poker analyzer(poker device,poker smoothsayer) ,it is an analyzer which can tell the user of the games result which the user playing ,it is very useful and can work with any kinds of cards games,there are hundres of games inside,if you want to use this to poker cheat ,you only need to choose the game which you want to play and input the game code ,then the poker analzyer can help you know each poker result of the poker game you palying.

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How to do Long Distance Camera for poker game? How much can buy marked cards?