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Black box camera large distance

2018-02-09 16:58:38Author:
[Introduction]  The camera can be divided into two kinds: the one is short distance camera, the other one is long distance camera....

Black box scanner is a long distance scanner, which is able to scan barcode marked cards at the scope of 6m. It is enough to scan barcode marks on marked cards in any corner on poker table. With flexible application to casino games cheat, it has capability of scanning marked cards clearly and quickly, and it will send codes of marked cards to poker analyzer which is able to decode barcode marks and report poker cards points and suits to you. With black box long distance scanner and poker analyzer, you can easily know poker faces in advance. And they can know how to make a bet.

The black box scanner is a long distance camera. The camera can be divided into two kinds: the one is short distance camera, the other one is long distance camera. The short distance cameras are lighter cameras, watch cameras, chip tray cameras, cell phone cameras, cigarette box cameras and so on. The long distance cameras are water dispenser cameras, TV cameras, wall picture cameras, lamp cameras, black box cameras and other kinds. All of them can scan different distance barcode marks on marked cards. However, if you only have one kind of cameras, you also can not win poker games, you need to have one kind of poker analyzers. I will introduce the poker analyzers in the next.

The poker analyzer is used to receive data from scanners and decode the signal of barcode marks and translate the information for you. Our company has all-in-one poke analyzers and simple poker analyzers. The all-in-one poker analyzers have AKK A1 poker analyzer, AKK K4 poker analyzer and AKK K5 poker analyzers. These all-in-one poker analyzers have their own camera lenses, so you can use the other camera lenses or its camera lenses. The simple poker analyzers need to have one kind of camera lenses. Otherwise, the poker analyzer would have not information for analyzing. Importantly, if you want to hold a long distance poker cheat, all of the poker analyzers need to work with long distance cameras.

Moreover, winning poker games is an easy thing if you have one kind of poker cheat devices. Our company can offer a lot of poker cheat devices for you. Are you eager to win a lot of money in the casino? Please don’t hesitate to contact us by Skype!

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Ultraviolet sunglasses can see any playing cards or need to mark luminous ink?