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AK100 belt dynamic camera lens

2018-01-20 11:14:05Author:
[Introduction]  There are useful and helpful poker cameras for cheating at different poker games....

If you are looking for an external poker camera for your poker analyzer system, our belt dynamic camera is a great choice for you. 

we are showing you the AK100 belt dynamic camera that can help you catch the marked cards easily.

This is the belt dynamic camera ,it is used for gambling cheat together with poker analyzer and marked cards. Its scanning rang is 40-70cm . this is the battery of the belt . In order for the cameras to work, you can select a good position that is good for the cameras to scan the marked cards which have been shuffled already after taking out your money in it.

Poker cameras are for scanning barcode marked cards. There are different brands of marked cards for selling in our company. Any regular poker cards could be used to cheat at different poker games. For example, Bee barcode marked cards, Bicycle barcode marked cards, Copag barcode marked cards, Fournier barcode marked cards, Modiano barcode marked cards, KEM barcode marked cards. Belt poker camera could scan those barcode marked cards and then the poker analyzer will analyze the barcode signal. Finally, the user will know the accurate game result. For example, when you cheat at Texas hold’em, you could know the biggest winner, the first winner and the second winner, the range of all poker players at the table.

There are useful and helpful poker cameras for cheating at different poker games. If you want to choose a suitable one, you could buy from our company. 

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kuangmo zhang 2017-04-24 16:54:59

Do Bee No.92 playing cards can be make big marked on the cards back?