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Wallet covert scanning camera for poker cheat

2017-12-18 17:59:35Author:
[Introduction]  The camera lenses can be processed as poker cheat devices that can help poker players win much money without any pressure. ...

There are many kinds of camera lenses in the market. But do you think that can help you win poker games in the casino? The camera lenses can be processed as poker cheat devices that can help poker players win much money without any pressure. The wallet covert scanning camera is the one kind of scanning camera lenses that look like normal camera in the surface. This kind of camera can help you cheat at poker games in an easier way.

The wallet covert scanning camera is very mini so that other people will not pay attention to it at all. Together with barcode marked cards and poker analyzer, the camera will help you finish poker cheat smoothly and easily. When the dealer puts the poker cards on the table, the camera will scan barcode marks on the poker cards immediately and send the signal to poker analyzer. Once the poker analyzer receives the data, it will decode and analyze the information immediately and transmit the result to mini earphone. Finally, you can hear the poker result by mini earphone. This kind of camera lens is short distance camera lenses, so the scanning distance is 20-40cm. 

Long distance camera lenses

There are many players think the short distance poker cheat is very limit, so they want to have long distance poker cheat. Yes, our company also has long distance poker cheat devices for players to cheat poker games in the casino. Always, if you want to use poker analyzer system to help you cheat long distance poker games, the long distance camera lenses are must-have. The long distance is about 2-3m. Also, if you want to order a greater distance camera lens, just contact us or send the email to us. We can do that. But if you want to use back marked cards to help you cheat poker games and also can cheat long distance games, the spy camera lenses and pin hole camera lenses can help you. These spy camera lenses and pin hole camera lenses are useful for cheating long distance poker games and can help you see poker points and suits directly on the background. So our company has two different long distance camera lenses for long distance poker cheat. 

No matter what kind of poker scanning camera lens, they can use to cheat poker games smoothly and safely. The poker analyzer system includes a poker analyzer, camera lens, mini earphone, barcode marked cards and remote controller. That is one kind of cheating way for players. Also, there are many kinds of poker cheat devices in our company, such as IR contact lenses or sunglasses, poker shoes, card shufflers and so on. If you want to know more poker cheat devices to work at poker games, just contact us.

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kuangmo zhang 2017-05-17 17:02:05

Do you sale marked bicycle cards and AKK poker analyzer?

cards999 2017-05-08 10:37:06

Hey, how to order luminous ink contact lenses? How to use infrared marekd cards poker?