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Shirt Button Short Scanning Poker Camera

2017-11-15 17:43:17Author:
[Introduction]  This is a reliable and helpful product for cheating at different poker games....

This is a reliable and helpful product for cheating at different poker games. Shirt button poker camera is one of the best devices. It is for scanning barcode marked cards. Do you know more about it?

How Much You Know About Shirt Button Camera

This is a short scanning poker camera. The scanning distance is 10-30cm. When the camera towards the barcode marked cards, it could scan those barcode automatically. There is not any difference when this product works. And then the poker analyzer have received the barcode signal, it will give the accurate game result at a very short time. You could put the poker analyzer inside your pocket. So you could know that shirt button camera needs to work with a poker analyzer. There is different analyzer for your reference. They are CVK 350 poker analyzer, K20 poker analyzer, MDA poker analyzer and GPS poker analyzer. With the help of these products, the user could win money secretly and safely.

It Works Together With Barcode Marked Cards

Poker camera needs to work together with barcode marked cards, so does the shirt button poker camera. It could scan barcode marked cards quickly and then sends the barcode signal to the poker analyzer. There are Bicycle barcode marked cards, Fournier barcode marked cards, Copag barcode marked cards, Bee barcode marked cards, bicycle barcode marked cards, Modiano barcode marked cards, Aviator barcode marked cards and Lion 3005 barcode marked cards. Our shirt button camera can scan these barcode marked cards quickly and secretly.

Besides shirt button poker camera, we sell other short scanning distance cameras. For example, car key poker camera, cigarette box camera, lighter poker camera and the wrist watch camera. 

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How big of the X ray contact lenses use with luminous ink kit?