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Poker Gambling Products

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[Introduction]  With the help of poker gambling product, the user can win a lot of money safely and easily....

With the help of poker gambling product, the user can win a lot of money safely and easily. There is different reliable poker cheating devices you could buy from our company. Do you want to know more details? 

IR Contact Lenses

They are the best Johnson and Johnson IR contact lenses, the better quality Korea IR contact lenses and the good quality China IR contact lenses. If you want to have the best effect, you could choose the best one. There are different size and color special IR contact lenses for your reference. There are 4mm IR contact lenses, 6mm IR contact lenses, 8mm IR contact lenses, 9mm IR contact lenses, 10mm IR contact lenses, green-eyes IR contact lenses, blue-eyes IR contact lenses, brown-eyes IR contact lenses and black-eyes IR contact lenses. IR contact lenses are excellent device for cheating at poker games. There are other poker cheating products in our company. They are excellent and useful to help you win money. 

Poker Cameras

Our poker cameras includes lighter cameras, water bottle camera, cigarette box camera, USB cable camera, shirt button camera, car key camera and wrist watch camera. They are short distance poker cameras. You could choose different scanning distances. They are 10-20cm, 20-30cm, 30-40cm, 40-50cm, 50-60cm. we have set a mini camera inside these products and other poker players are hard to find the secret inside. Our poker cameras could be used to cheat at different brands of barcode marked cards, such as Modiano barcode marked cards, Copag barcode marked cards, Aviator barcode marked cards, KEM barcode marked cards, Bee barcode marked cards, Bicycle barcode marked cards and Fournier barcode marked cards.

Poker Analyzers

Poker analyzers are wonderful devices for poker cheat. You could buy CVK 400 all in one poker analyzer, CVK 350 all in one poker analyzer, CVK 350 poker analyzer, K30 all in one poker analyzer, K20 poker analyzer, MDA poker analyzer and GPS poker analyzer and V68 poker analyzer. All in one poker analyzer doesn’t need to work together with an extra camera. It has a mini camera inside. And the other poker analyzers need to work together with extra camera. 

No matter what kind of poker games you want to cheat at, our poker cheating devices could bring your game a good effect. These are wonderful and reliable cheating products. 

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How big of the X ray contact lenses use with luminous ink kit?