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Edged Marked Cards

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[Introduction]  No matter paper poker cards or plastic poker cards, they can be processed to marked cards....

No matter paper poker cards or plastic poker cards, they can be processed to marked cards. Edged marked cards are the best poker cheating devices for poker gambling. They could help you a lot for winning money. 

Edged Marked Cards For Poker Cameras

Edged marked cards have special barcodes on the four sides. These special marked cards work together with poker cameras. Put the poker camera on the table and then it will scan those barcodes automatically. But the naked eyes can not see those marks and when you touch these poker cards, they have no difference as the regular poker cards. It is safe and convenient for you to choose them. Our company sells different kinds of edged marked cards. They could help you win money safely and secretly. These special marked cards are suitable for Omaha, Texas hold’em, Omaha, Baccarat, Blackjack, Teen Patti, Andar Bahar and other poker games. Meanwhile, you could send the poker cards to us for processing. It could work together with any poker camera. For example, lighter poker camera, USB cable camera, cigarette box camera, wallet poker camera, car key camera, wrist watch camera and others. 

Edged Marked Cards With Analyzer System

Marked cards are used widely cheating devices for poker games. And the best devices are marked cards. There are two kinds of marked cards: edged marked cards and back marked cards. They work together with different poker cheating products. The second kind works together with IR contact lenses, IR sunglasses or IR spy camera. The first kind works together with poker analyzer cheating system. As the fast development of poker analyzer systems, you can choose the latest CVK 500 all in one analyzer system, CVK 400 all in one analyzer system, CVK 350 all in one analyzer system and CVK 350 poker analyzer system. These wonderful products can be used to cheat at different poker games and they will not disappoint you! 

Marked cards are useful and reliable for cheating at different poker games. If you are interested in these products, you can choose to buy from our company and hey can bring the good effect to help you! 

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