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[Introduction]  Back marked cards are different from barcode marked cards....

Marked cards are basic poker cheating devices. There are two kinds of marked cards for selling in our company. They can help you win a lot of money and the secret is hard to be found by other poker players. 

Barcode Marked Cards Cheat

Do you know what the barcode marked cards are? Have you ever used barcode marked cards before? Barcode marked cards need to work together with poker analyzer cheating system. It could be work together with all in one poker analyzer or regular poker analyzer. All in one poker analyzer has one or two mini cameras inside, so you don’t need to use an extra camera. It is convenient for you to choose our CVK 500 all in one analyzer, CVK 400 all in one analyzer and CVK 350 all in one poker analyzer. Regular poker analyzer needs to work together with an extra camera. So you could choose CVK 350 poker analyzer. They could work together with a car key camera, a USB cable camera, a cigarette box camera, a lighter camera, a wrist watch camera and wallet camera. 

Back Marked Cards Cheat

Back marked cards are different from barcode marked cards. This one works together with IR contact lenses, IR spy camera and IR sunglasses. Most poker players like choosing our IR contact lenses. There are three special contact lenses in our company for your reference. They are the best Johnson and Johnson IR contact lenses, the better quality Korea IR contact lenses and the good quality China IR contact lenses. Any kind of regular poker cards could be processed to back marked cards. So you could choose our KEM back marked cards, Fournier back marked cards, Copag back marked cards, Aviator back marked cards, Modiano back marked cards, Bee back marked cards and others. 

No matter what kind of marked cards you want to use for cheating Omaha, Blackjack, Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, Texas hold’em and other games, you could be the winner easily. 

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Guy 2017-04-24 12:35:19

Invisible ink marked playing cards is Laser Marked Cards kit?